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The Digital Dollar by Joe Wozny - Book review

The Digital Dollar

Sustainable Strategies for Online Success

By: Joe Wozny

Published: October 2012
Format: Paperback, 213 pages
ISBN-10: 0978097467
ISBN-13: 978-0978097462
Publisher: FairWinds Press

"This book is meant to serve all knowledge levels and to speak to all audiences who want to have a better understanding of which online activities they should in", writes online media thought leader, strategist, and CEO of Concentric, Joe Wozny, in his very practical and information packed book The Digital Dollar: Sustainable Strategies for Online Success. The author describes what he calls the digitalroadmap Strategy Process to develop and implement a successful and measurable online business strategy.

Joe Wozny understands that is essential to ask the right questions about your online business strategy to ensure that you receive the best answers. The author presents a strategic approach to online business, and shares the tips and techniques needed to execute that strategy. Joe Wozny employs a road map based method for navigating the online business world, and guides the online entrepreneur toward the route to achieving the goals best suited to their industry and individual business. Joe Wozny recommends taking action toward building an online business, learning the often complex and confusing array of tools and devices by using them, and learning and measuring the results in real time.

Joe Wozny (photo left) recognizes that not only do entrepreneurs have different business goals, and are part of different industries, but they also possess different levels of online experience. The author also considers the different ways that his readers will read and apply the information provided in the book. To best provide the necessary information, in the form best absorbed by the reader, Joe Wozney offers three different study methods:

* Reading based on building and maintaining engagement
* Reading by industry type or organizational goals
* For those new to the internet and/or social media

With the different reading and learning styles considered, Joe Wozney shares hands on and actionable strategies and techniques as follows:

* Who are you: What's in a name on the internet
* The King of the road: Content
* No-cost and low-cost marketing options: Maximizing your efforts
* No-cost and low cost marketing options: Linking, directories, and portals
* No-cost and low cost marketing options: Low-hanging content & communication
* Can you find me? Search
* The big buzz: Social media marketing and communications
* Not to be overlooked: Digital advertising outside of paid search
* Website evolution
* Mapping your route to digital success: Digitalroadmaps
* Finding a starting point

For me, the power of the book is how Joe Wozny combines an overall strategic approach to digital entrepreneurship with the practical techniques to put those strategies into action. The entire book follows the action oriented approach and offers a complete how to guide for establishing an online business in any industry. Joe Wozny realizes that different readers will have varying degrees of internet and social media knowledge and existing skills.

The author also understands that readers will address their needs in different ways and at various stages of the business development. The book is arranged to accommodate that range of learning styles and desire to get right down to business. Joe Wozny also arranges the book into clusters that enable a business person to focus on the areas that most affect their online venture, and to address any areas where knowledge and skills may be lacking.

I highly recommend the very comprehensive and results oriented book The Digital Dollar: Sustainable Strategies for Online Success by Joe Wozny, to any current and potential internet entrepreneurs who are seeking a clear and concise guide to planning and implementing a digital company. This book, with its various custom approaches, will appeal to anyone regardless of their current level of internet knowledge and abilities.

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